What Is The Best Way To Buy A Car in 2020?

6 Oct 2020 | NEWS

What is the best way to buy a car in the post covid world?

Everything seems to have changed in the post-covid world, and the motor industry is no exception. One of the most common questions we are now hearing from customers is simply what is the best way to buy a car in 2020?

Let’s see if we can answer the question of what’s the best way to buy a car after the coronavirus.

Work out which car is right for you

It seems obvious right? Figuring out that if you’re mainly using your car for doing the school run means you probably don’t want to be buying the new Ferrari. But it’s a fact that many people, especially those who don’t really know cars that well, are buying vehicles which are wholly unfit for the purpose they want to use them for.

If you happen to have a large family who all play the cello and a number of dogs, it’s fair to say a small runabout just might make life more difficult, and you probably want to invest in a family SUV with plenty of room.

I met someone recently who was 6’5? tall (that’s really tall) and his partner who was the only driver had bought a tiny car with so little headroom that he literally had to put the seat back and practically lie horizontal to be in the car comfortably.

And it’s not just about space either. Consider what features you need in your car. Doing a lot of motorway driving? Perhaps you need a car with excellent fuel consumption and cruise control.

Got lots of kids who like playing with buttons? Maybe you need a car which has the ability to lock the electric windows in the back.

Maybe even you visit lots of people daily, and make a lot of calls when driving, in which case a great sat-nav and bluetooth phone system built in is vital for you.

The fact is that if you haven’t already found the car you want, spending ten minutes making a list of your ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features is probably a really good idea.

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Do your research

Once you have narrowed down what it is exactly you are looking for, it’s time to start finding out which vehicles offer the features you are looking for. At this point it is worth noting that some features, such as leather upholstery, entertainment, navigation, communication, alloys etc are often not included in the base models of each car.

So it might be that you have to find a specific model, or at the very least look for a model which does contain these as optional extras. When visiting a showroom, it’s always a good idea to have written down before hand a list of your ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features. This will help the dealer to narrow down the right vehicle for you.

You might also find that you have to visit a number of showrooms in order to find exactly the right car for you, and this is where people can often get frustrated, with many feeling pressured by car salesmen (who are, of course trying to meet their sales targets, and are themselves under pressure to do so).

Be polite but firm. At the end of the day, you are about to part with a lot of your hard earned money, and it’s important that you get what you really want. Obviously, you do have to be realistic… If your budget is £10,000, it’s unlikely you are going to be driving away in a brand new Bentley.

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Take a test drive

It is absolutely vital that you take your new car for a test drive. There are so many reasons to do it, not least to ensure that you don’t get a bout of buyers remorse after forking out thousands of pounds to find your shiny new motor just doesn’t feel right.

Phenomenally, in recent studies, around 16% of drivers eschewed test driving their new car. After covid, more and more people are turning to online car purchasing, and this number is likely to increase as more people are concerned about social distancing.

However, In April 2020, the DVLA approved for the first time solo test drives, meaning motorists can take a car out for a spin without a dealer being present in the vehicle. Although there have certainly been issues around this (not least with dealers having to get specialist cover from their insurance companies) this is sure to go some way to helping more buyers feel comfortable about taking a test drive.

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The best way to finance your new car

We hear this a lot from people. Should they buy their new car for cash, or should they spread the payments and finance it?

Ultimately this is always going to be down to your personal financial situation, but we generally feel that if you have the money available, you should always buy your car outright. This is not least because you won’t pay any interest on it, but also you have the opportunity for negotiating bigger discounts sometimes, because ultimately cash is king, and the salesmen know this too.

Therefore, it’s absolutely vital to note that really, the best way to buy a car is without finance, making sure you own the car outright. There really is no better way to put it in terms of paying for the vehicle. This is backed up by the Money Advice Service in their post here.

If you are going to finance your car, there are a number of options you can choose from. You can enter into a car finance deal to buy or lease your car, but you need to be aware about this.

Many dealers offer you finance that pays them a good whack of commission, but this might not always be the best deal for you. So be prepared to shop around, and this can take a bit of time and effort, especially to figure out what you are going to pay over time.

Of course, getting an independent car broker involved to help you find the right finance package is a great idea too. They know all the in’s and out’s of each different finance deal, and they generally aren’t tied down to using one specific package or company.

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The ultimate best way to buy a car in 2020

As you can see, if you aren’t a car expert, or have limited time (maybe because of family commitments) to research and source the perfect car, you might well find yourself at risk of spending way too much and/or not quite getting what you want.

This is why we believe the best way to buy a new car, especially if you aren’t a huge petrol-head auto-enthusiast is to let one of our independent Car Brokers help you to find the perfect vehicle at the best price possible.

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