The Most Stolen Cars in the UK

28 Oct 2023 | NEWS





Thank you to Ashley Winston of Palmdale Motors for granting us permission to use his post from his LinkedIn profile





Spoiler alert: this article The most stolen cars in the UK | What Car? claims the Ford Fiesta is the most stolen car in the UK. It’s not. Here’s why.

Firstly, I’m not just writing this because I want to feel better. Cathy Winston drives a Fiesta and this is not about making sure my wife does not worry… well, maybe it is a little.

The problem here is that although more Ford Fiestas are stolen than any other car… there are also more Fiesta on the road in the UK than any other car.

So, I exercised my inner geek and went online to find out how many examples of each of the ‘top 10 stolen cars’ there are on the UK roads. I then calculated the percentage chance of these cars being stolen.

(For example, if one Mercedes 190E Evolution II gets stolen it would not make What Car’s list. But, there are only two Mercedes 190E Evolution II on UK roads so it would have a 50% chance of theft!)

10) Mercedes E-Class = 0.3% chance of theft
9) Vauxhall Astra = 0.2% chance of theft
8) Vauxhall Corsa = 0.1% chance of theft
7) Land Rover Discovery = 0.4% chance of theft
6) BMW 3-Series = 0.3% chance of theft
5) Mercedes C-Class = 0.4% chance of theft
4) Volkswagen Golf = 0.2% chance of theft
3) Ford Focus = 0.2% chance of theft
2) Range Rover = 4.2% chance of theft
1) Ford Fiesta = 0.3% chance of theft

So, in reality, your best off with a Vauxhall Corsa. Only one of the top 10 stolen cars stands out – the Range Rover.

A Range Rover is 10 TIMES more likely to be stolen than any other car on this list. Scary!

Conclusion: Buy a Vauxhall Corsa and not a Range Rover.

RAW DATA HERE (you can stop reading now, if you want):

10) Mercedes E-Class: 818 stolen of 241,013 registered = 0.3%
9) Vauxhall Astra = 1,096 stolen of 721,566 registered = 0.2%
8) Vauxhall Corsa = 1,218 stolen of 1,018,321 registered = 0.1%
7) Land Rover Discovery = 1,206 stolen of 281,816 registered = 0.4%
6) BMW 3-Series = 1,464 stolen of 535,500 registered = 0.3%
5) Mercedes C-Class = 1,474 stolen of 386,010 registered = 0.4%
4) Volkswagen Golf = 1,755 stolen of 1,003.559 registered = 0.2%
3) Ford Focus = 1,912 stolen of 1,042,110 registered = 0.2%
2) Range Rover = 3,754 stolen of 89,513 registered = 4.2%
1) Ford Fiesta = 3,909 stolen of 1,482.878 registered = 0.3%

(Small additional information. I was unsure whether What Car listed Range Rover as just the one model called ‘Range Rover’ or all their other cars – Evoque, Velar and Sport. If all their models are included then a Range Rover is only twice as likely to be stolen.)







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