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Martin Haigh

Martin Haigh
December 15, 2017

It had got to that time when my car had covered over 70,000 miles and, despite regular servicing, things had started to go wrong on the vehicle. I, therefore, decided to change my car. I was talking to Colin Smith at a MYCC networking meeting and mentioned that I was interested in a car change. He called me back that day and agreed a date to come and take a look at my current car. Not only that, he photographed the vehicle and checked my service history and other documents so he could provide a credible overview to his dealer network.
We then started to discuss my new car options and I had my eye on a few models. Colin gave me some pointers and guided me towards the ‘sweet-spot’ in the model range of various manufacturers. I went to various car dealerships and tried a few cars before making my decision. I ran this past Colin and, whilst he agreed with my choice, he advised me on one or two minor changes to enhance the vehicle. Once the specification was settled Colin got in touch with a number of his new car dealers and found the vehicle I needed at the optimum price.
On the morning of the day of exchange, Colin came to our offices along with the dealer buying my existing vehicle. The dealer sorted out the paperwork, paid the agreed price and took the car away. Colin then drove me to the dealership where my new car was waiting and stayed with me during the one-hour handover process – which incidentally was a great experience. Colin Smith not only knows all about cars he is extremely passionate and professional in the way he handles the customer buying/selling experience. If you are looking to change your car, and want to be made to feel really special, then I highly recommend the use of Colin’s services, UK Prestige Car Brokers.