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Dr Atul Patel

Dr Atul Patel
December 14, 2017

I was looking to change my car and previously have gone to various dealerships and tried to get the best deal myself which would involve part-exchanging my old car with the dealership. Naturally this involved some bargaining which I have to confess I am not very good at! I decided to give Colin’s services a try. What a thoroughly pleasant, hassle-free and easy experience. Colin is a very personable man who will come to your house to appraise your old vehicle and then will give you options regarding the new vehicle purchase. He oversees every step of the process including sale of the old vehicle and when my new car was ready, he took my wife & I to pick up the new car and helped during the handover. Such an easy trouble free way of getting a new car and disposing of my old car! Highly recommend his services and will use him again!