Finding the Right Car for Three Child Car Seats

21 Jan 2024 | NEWS

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For parents with three young children, choosing a car that can safely and comfortably accommodate all of them can be a challenge. This article aims to guide you through selecting a vehicle that can fit three car seats in the back or middle row, ensuring safety and convenience for your family.

Key Considerations for Car Seats

Before delving into car models, it’s essential to understand the prerequisites for fitting three car seats:

  • ISOFIX Mounting Points: The car should have at least three separate ISOFIX mounting points.
  • Seat Configuration: The second-row seats must be individual full-size seats to comfortably fit three car seats.
  • Car Manual: Always check the car manual to understand the specific car seat configurations allowed.

Recommended Cars for Three Car Seats

1. Audi Q7 (2017 onwards)

The Audi Q7 offers a spacious seven-seater cabin with three individual rear seats, each with its own ISOFIX point. It combines practicality with premium quality.

2. Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer

An affordable and value-driven choice, the Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer offers three separate rear seats with ISOFIX points in the second row.

3. Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is known for its expansive interior. It offers generous space and easy access to the three individual seats in the second row, all equipped with ISOFIX points.

4. Volkswagen Touran

A practical option for families, the VW Touran features three individual seats in the second row, each with car seat compatibility.

5. SEAT Alhambra

The SEAT Alhambra is another viable choice for families needing to fit three car seats, offering spacious and flexible seating options.

6. Ford S Max

The Ford S Max is renowned for its family-friendly design and ability to accommodate three child car seats comfortably.

7. Renault Scenic

Both the standard and Grand versions of the Renault Scenic provide ample space for three car seats, making it a solid choice for larger families.

8. Peugeot 5008

With a focus on space and practicality, the Peugeot 5008 can comfortably fit three car seats across its second row.

9. Skoda Kodiaq

This SUV offers a spacious interior with flexible seating arrangements, suitable for three child car seats.

10. Volvo XC90

Known for its safety and luxury, the Volvo XC90 can accommodate three car seats, making it an excellent choice for family travel.

Alternative Solutions

If your current car doesn’t support three car seats in a row, consider changing the Child Restraint System (CRS) before opting for a new vehicle. Various CRS designs may offer a more compact fit, allowing for three seats in cars that otherwise might not accommodate them.


When searching for a car that fits three child car seats, focus on models with three individual full-size seats in the second row, and always refer to the car manual for specific guidelines. The options listed above should give you a good starting point in your search for the perfect family car. Remember, the safety and comfort of your children should always be the priority in your decision.

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