Any new or used car (including vans) from a Ford to a Ferrari! We don’t just deal in high value cars and we source the vehicles from our extensive network across the UK of franchised and independent dealers and motor traders

We do not charge you, the client, for our services but the dealer who supplies you with your new or used car will pay us a referral fee for the introduction

We deal with many different dealers of the same manufacturer to ensure we can always find the best price for you. We also offer a Price Guarantee that says the price you pay will be the lowest available in the area at the time. There are some exclusions though (see our website for the T&Cs), for example leasing, both personal and business.

Yes, we need to be registered with the FCA in order for us to be able to advise you on the right finance plan for your needs

Certainly, and we will normally beat the online car buying sites and franchised dealer prices without any of the haggling that you normally have to go through

Of course, we will arrange this for you and normally be with you at the dealer whilst you are doing so.

Of course, there is no obligation on you to proceed at all until such a time that you place a deposit with the dealer and even then it is more than likely that we would be able to secure a refund for you depending on the circumstances.

We certainly can and that is why our service is so popular. We take away all the hassle of dealing with those pushy sales people in the car showrooms.

We would have an initial chat on the phone and then arrange to visit you at your home or your office at a time to suit you. During an informal chat we will help you decide what is the right car for you and explain how all the different finance plans work so that you can make an informed decision on the most suitable car financed in the way that suits you (and not the dealer!). We will also appraise your part exchange (where applicable)

We deal with the senior management of the dealers we work with and can very quickly get to the best price at which they are prepared to deal. We make it very easy for the dealer as we do all the legwork between you, the client, and them. Also, they don’t have a sales person to pay and of course we know whether a deal is a good one or not. We also compare prices from several different dealers of the same franchise.

Once we have professionally appraised your car and produced our report with photos and document scans we circulate all our dealers across the UK. They will bid on the car unseen as they trust our appraisals and by splitting the deal into its constituent parts we ensure we get you, the client, the very best deal overall

Once we have agreed the deal for your new car with the best quoting dealer and the best price for your old car from a different dealer (usually) you sign the order for the new car and pay a deposit to the supplying dealer. We confirm the price for your car with the buying dealer and then on handover day we meet at your home/office with him who pays you in cleared funds for your car. We then take you to the new car dealer to collect your car

No, our services are completely free to you, the client, and the contract of sale is always between you and the supplying dealer

Certainly and we have done this on many occasions in the past. We always prefer to meet our clients personally as this enables us to give them the level of service they deserve but if this is impractical because of distance we can still help you. You would need to speak to the nearest Regional Office’s Director who can explain how this would work

Almost 7 years but it is only in the last 12 months that we have started to set up Regional Offices with experienced and skilled Directors who are waiting to help you

Yes of course, anybody who is wanting to buy a new or used car (or van) without all the time and hassle it takes to do it yourself. Why do that when you can have the services of an expert who does not charge you and offers you a Price Guarantee?

Yes, they are all on our website https://ukprestigecarbrokers.co.uk/about/#1516362871072-4411719b-4f86 and of course are completely genuine and  extracted from our LinkedIn profiles

We are very careful to ensure we only select dealers that we know through experience are going to provide a high level of service to our clients. However it is normal that the first time one of our clients meets one of our dealers is on handover day, unless you wish to take a test drive of course. We look after all the communication with the dealer from start to finish.

Yes of course as the contract of sale is always between you, the client and the selling dealer so the car will have the usual warranty, either from the manufacturer or the dealer

This varies but we can normally arrange to meet you at your home or your office within a day or two of our initial telephone conversation. Once we have identified your requirements we then approach all our dealers to find you the right car at the best price. The average time from initial enquiry to delivery is around 2 to 3 weeks depending on availability of course

Yes, but we will ensure you get the right (and best) finance deal for you from all the different finance deals being offered by different dealers

We are completely independent and deal with several different dealers from all the major manufacturers as well as other independent dealers and motor traders. We don’t just deal in one type of finance product (ie leasing) and we will also deal with your part exchange where applicable. We offer a complete service that looks after all aspects of the car buying process at no cost to you and with a Price Guarantee.