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Porsche 959 Racing

Price on Application

300 Miles
Year Built: 1989
Ext color: White
Int color: Black
The Porsche 959 is a well-known super car, which was regarded a technological tour de force at the time it was produced by Porsche. The 959 was designed to compete in ‘Gruppe B’ motor sports and limited manufacturing was begun in 1986. Two hundred cars were planned as an exclusive limited edition; however, the order volume exceeded the original plan, and 283 cars were eventually produced. The 959 was manufactured in two models; the “Komfort” and “Sport”. The “Komfort” is a 4-seater, luxury street version, with automatic ride-height adjustment, speed-sensitive damper system, automatic air conditioning system, and power seats and windows. The “Sport” is a 2-seater racing model, with a speed-sensitive damper system and a light body. One of a limited number of 29 cars manufactured in 1989. At just 1350 kg, the vehicle weight is 100kg lighter than that of the Komfort. Like the 956 and 962C, the engine is a twin turbo-charged, 2.85 liter, flat-six engine with air-cooled cylinders and water-cooled heads, that gives a full 450 bhp (albeit at a relativity high 6000rpm). In addition, the Racing version has been well-tuned, so that it’s much more powerful than the other version. This 959 is a very rare car. It has yet to be registered anywhere and thus qualifies as a “new car”. The odometer shows 624 miles, 609 of which are certified by Porsche as part of the test driving program.

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