Buyacar sees surge in women buying cars online

19 Feb 2016 | NEWS

Online car trading platform Buyacar has seen a surge in women buying cars online over the past year.

The group saw a 58% increase in the number of women buying a car online compared with growth of 29% among men.

It said there was a growing preference among women for the online purchase experience rather than the traditional showroom and forecourt environment.

Buyacar said that it had taken no steps to target women in particular during 2015 that would skew the research.

Austin Collins, managing director and co-founder of, said: “When we analysed the change between 2014 and 2015 it was clear that the real story behind our increased sales on behalf of dealers was a surge in interest among women over the past 12 months.

“What was all the more remarkable about this was that we made no attempt to tailor our advertising or marketing toward women in particular, this movement was entirely organic.

“There is no shortage of data in the industry suggesting that women are increasingly calling the shots on family car purchase decisions but research also regularly suggests that women report a sub-optimal experience of the traditional car dealership environment and sales process.

“Our interpretation of the surge in female users of is that it reflects a growing trend among women to take greater control of the car purchase experience for themselves and bypass the traditional process if they can.”

I am also finding that more and more of my clients are ladies wanting to avoid the car buying experience in dealer showrooms and want an “expert” to handle the whole transaction for them – Colin Smith

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