‘Nobody has come by this morning:’ As German car dealers learn, the great reopening will take time

One Berlin dealer reported no customers visiting the showroom. “People are distancing. We don’t expect much business this year.”

Colin Smith of UK Prestige Car Brokers responds;

Yes, customers and in particular the older generation will be reluctant to visit dealers for some considerable time. At UK Prestige Car Brokers we have an extensive network of dealers across the UK, franchised and independent, but we are always looking for more. We can work remotely with our clients (and our dealers of course) to complete the FCA compliant sales process, including dealing with the part exchange and so avoid putting any of them at risk. If you are a dealer, please contact Colin Smith on 01422 230689 or [email protected] for more information as to how we can work with you and if you are thinking about changing your car, please contact one of our Regional Offices

What do I do if my Car Battery is flat?

If your Car has been left for a while the Battery may be flat when you come to restart it

We see many cars damaged by people jump starting incorrectly. If you have a flat battery our advice is get a professional to start it:-

  • Call your breakdown service (supplied with your car, RAC, AA, Green Flag etc) and let them start it free of charge
  • If you have jump leads and must try this yourself, please follow these guidelines.
    • Park the donor car (the car with a good battery) as close as possible make sure the hand brakes are applied on both vehicles, both vehicles are in park or neutral and stop the engine on the donor car.
    • Open both bonnets
    • Make sure the jump lead reach both batteries but don’t connect yet
    • Connect securely the red lead only to the donor positive battery terminal marked + (Lift up the red cover if required)
    • Connect securely the red lead only to the flat battery positive terminal marked +
    • Connect securely the black lead only to the donor negative battery terminal marked –
    • Connect securely the black lead only to the flat battery positive terminal marked –

Do not switch on anything and wait one minute.

Start the good car and leave it with the engine idling for 3 minutes

Attempt to start the flat car.

  • If it doesn’t start then stop, switch off the flat car but leave the donor car running and wait 3 minutes before trying again.
  • If it does start, then leave both cars running at idle for 3 minutes.
  • After 3 minutes of both cars running disconnect in the reverse order you connected ie
    • Black from the car that was flat
    • Black from the donor car
    • Red from the car that was flat
    • Red from the donor car

Ideally you then want to make the donor car secure and go for a 20 minute drive in the car that was flat.